Above Ground Shelters

Features / Pricing / FAQS


*All shelters meet FEMA-320 Guidelines 

*Protection from tornadoes and intruders.
*Rated to withstand EF5 tornadoes. (winds greater than 200 mph)
*Can withstand over 100,000 lbs of crush weight.
*Impact tested at the ATSA testing facility.
*1/4" Steel Construction
*Seamlessly welded for maximum durability and protection.
*Professional installation - usually in just a few hours.
*4x6 ft holds 6-9 people. 4x8 ft holds 8-12 people.
*Five locks, including a bolt lock for safety.
*Two in-door air vents
*Unlockable from outside by removing air vents.
*6'6" Height
*Custom Sizes as small at 30" X 48" or as large as 10'x20'.
*Our safe rooms can be built in to new construction or moved into existing construction 


4x4- $5000.00- Includes shelter, taxes, permits, LED lighting & complete installation 

4x6- $5500.00- Includes shelter, taxes, permits, LED lighting & complete installation 4x8- $6000.00- Includes shelter, taxes, permits, LED lighting & complete installation

*Shelters can be custom-built to your specifications
*Handicap accessible door for an additional $150.00 

*Added windows for an additional $350.00 each


How strong is an above ground shelter?
Our shelters are designed to withstand F5 Tornadoes with winds in excess of 260 mph. They have been tested at the Texas Tech Wind and Science Institute to exceed FEMA 320/361 standards, as well as ICC 500 building code requirements. The roof of a Storm Dorm is capable of supporting over 100,000 lbs of weight.

How thick is the steel?
1/4 inch steel plate. Seamlessly welded on all outside vertical walls and on the interior of the roof panel.

How do you breathe?
Two ventilation plates on the front door of the shelter provide 16 inches of ventilation as well as a 1 inch space at the bottom of the door providing up to an additional 36 inches of ventilation, exceeding FEMA requirements.

Why is it important that the door opens inward and not outward?
Our door is physically larger than the outside door opening, making it impossible for it to be torn off. Doors that open outward are subject to being blocked by debris, trapping your family inside.

How does it lock?
There are five locks inside the shelter. One deadbolt, and four 1/2 inch steel L-shaped bolt locks. All five locks can be unlocked from the outside after unbolting the ventilation plate. (See installation video)

Can I take the shelter with me if I move?
Yes. The shelter can be unbolted and relocated to your new home.

What is the warranty?
Lifetime warranty.